• Hufcor Standard Vinyl       The standard vinyls below are included in the price of Hufcor partitions. Hufcor vinyls are manufactured to ensure the highest quality, durability and environmental safety                Download Brochure​​  
  • Revelations Fabric    Revelations is our line of high-performance, woven-fabric finishes for operable partitions and accordian doors, and is available for an additional charge. All Revelation fabrics are VOC, ODS, and PVC free and contain no heavy metals or formaldehyde. Each style is available in a wide array of colors to match your environment and interior design.                 Download Brochure
  • ​Stratus Fabric       Stratus high-performace woven fabric for Hufcor operable partitions is available for an additional charge. It's treated with Teflon Fabric Protection by DuPont which, with its soil and stain resistance, adds years to the life of your fabric                         Download Brochure
  • ​​HytexRib® Carpet  ​  Hufcor Standard Carpet is available for an additional charge. Hufcor continually searches to offer finishes that are friendly to the environment. Hufcor’s HytexRib carpets are made from EcoSpun®, a high quality polyester fiber made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.   Download Brochure
  • ​Acoustical Harmony Sculpted Wallcarpet  Acoustical Harmony wallcarpet is available for an additional charge and may be used on our operable partitions and accordion doors. It has been thoroughly tested for factory application. It's made from eco-fi® Polyester staple fiber (100% recycled content from water & soda bottles), high strength fibers that are resistant to shrinking and stretching.         Download Brochure
  • ​ecoustic® Sound-Absorptive Materials     ecoustic® sound absorptive finishes are available on 600 Series operable partitions, GA Series acoustical glass wall panels and Unispan support systems. The materials are an excellent way to combine the industry-leading STC performance of Hufcor partitions with superior sound absorption.                   View Collection in acoustic glass walls
  • ​Wilsonart ​  Hufcor's premium Wilsonart laminates offer an innovative, durable, high-quality finish for your operable partitions. With over 200 finishes to choose from, including wood, marble, fabric, leather and more, you're sure to find the perfect look for your project.         Download Brochure
  • LG Architectural Fusions​     Hufcor offers a full line of LG architectural decorative laminates exclusively for operable partitions and movable glass walls throughout North America. These laminates or "architectural fusions" can be applied to operable partitions faces and accessories, Summit vertical lift panel and glass wall rails in nearly 500 different options. LG laminates offer a durable alternative to wood veneers. The complete line includes woods (including standards and exotics), leathers, solids, metals and more are available. These fusions have varying thicknesses and are textured to mimic the real thing. See below for just a few of the hundreds of finish options. Pricing may vary based on finish. Call your Hufcor representative to get your LG sample book. 
  • Standard Trim​   Hufcor standard trim is included in price of your operable partition. The colors shown are representative of the trim colors, but may not be an exact match due to variations in monitor colors        Download Brochure
  • Premium Trim ​  Hufcor premium trim is available for an upcharge. The colors shown are representative of the trim colors, but may not be an exact match due to variations in monitor colors   Download Brochure

Hufcor Flat Panel Partition Overview

Hufcor operable partitions are identified as the Series 600 in both 3” and 4” thick models. Both models offer picture framed protective edge trim as standard, however, each may be supplied with a monolithic, untrimmed vertical edge, if preferred. Our quick-set™ retractable top and bottom seals provide the easiest in-field operation - a simple half-turn of the waist high removable handle extends or retracts the sound seals.The partitions may be finished with a selection from our standard vinyl colors (included in the price) or with optional fabric, carpet, veneer, high pressure laminate, murals, architectural fusions or other custom surfaces. Visit our Photo Gallery to see the variety of standard or custom finishes that have been used on Hufcor's operable partitions.

As with all Hufcor products, operable partitions are custom manufactured to job site dimensions. Models are designed to provide varying levels of sound control. An array of accessories and options such as inset or full-height markerboards, pass doors, pocket doors, prep for windows, etc., provide additional functionality.

Although we offer the most comprehensive selection of operable partitions, occasionally our “standard” products won’t meet your needs. Our talented engineers can design custom partitions for a specific wall requirements and movable tracking systems for custom doors.

Operable partitions are available in three configurations. These configurations may be used alone or combined to create the flexibility needed. Operable partitions may also be combined with our accordion, glass wall and Summit vertical lift products.

     Paired Panel 632 &642                          Omni 631 &641                 Continuosly Hinged 633,643,643E & 633E

    Hufcor Operable Partitions

  also known as Airwalls®, folding walls, flat panels, movable walls, and room dividers — set the standard for quality, durability, acoustic separation, and ease of movement.
They are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space.  

Operable partitions consist of a series of interlocking flat panels designed in custom widths up to 5’ and suspended from overhead tracks. Heights range from over-the-counter use to the more than 60’ tall panels used in convention centers - Hufcor has a worldwide presence and there is no job to big or to small for our full attention and expertise.

Care and Cleaning

​As with all Hufcor partition systems, Hufcor highly recommends signing a service and maintenance contract with your local distributor. Annual maintenance by a Hufcor trained installer will keep your partitions properly adjusted and prevent serious, costly damage. Routine maintenance is especially important for hospitality and convention center facilities who depend on revenues from their breakout rooms.

Regular maintenance includes:
Your partition will require routine cleaning. The cleaning method will vary according to the surface finish. The following vinyl, carpet and fabric cleaning instructions apply to Hufcor standard surfaces. If your partition has non-standard surfaces, please consult the appropriate manufacturer for cleaning instructions.
Stains that have dried to a crusted surface should be removed with a clean, stiff brush. Remove all loose particles before applying any liquid cleaning solutions, including soap and water mixtures.

Clean and lightly lubricate all track running surfaces
Check trolleys (carriers) for signs of abnormal wear or breakage
Check out-of-plumb panels (indicating loose trolley bolts)
Check exposed bolts in panel vertical edges
Check track alignment at all joints and intersections
Check lever closure (or pivot closure) and adjust as needed
Check all top and bottom seals for proper functioning
Operate pass door and adjust as needed
Check for torn or malfunctioning sound seals

Hufcor Standard Vinyl

Hufcor recommends cleaning standard vinyl with warm water and a mild soap such as Dawn. Apply to the surface with a clean white cloth, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. If necessary, gently rub the surface with a brush to loosen dirt before wiping dry.

Vinyl may also be cleaned with industrial stain-removers. Hufcor recommends Tech Stain Remover, 3M Citrus Base Industrial Cleaner or Spartan, SD-20, All-Purpose Cleaner.

For removal of grease and oil-based stains such as lipstick or greasy foods, use Oakite Safety-Solv, Degreaser Safety Solvent. Test a small inconspicuous spot before use. Do not use lacquer thinner or other strong chemicals. These materials are harmful to vinyl.

Chewing gum, candle wax or other waxy substances may be removed by rubbing the spot with ice so that the material becomes brittle. The brittle substance can then be picked off the wall covering and cleaned.

Remove the stain as soon as possible, as stains on carpet will become more difficult to remove if they are allowed to dry. With a cleaning brush, remove any loose particles before applying liquid cleaning solutions.

Hufcor Standard Fabrics and Carpets

First, apply a cleaner such as Tech Stain Remover or Spartan SD-20 All-Purpose Cleaner Shampoo to a clean white towel. Gently blot dry with a second clean white towel. Stubborn dirt or grease may be removed with Oakite Safety-Solv, Degreaser Safety Solvent. Always test a clean, inconspicuous area before applying cleaner.

When cleaning stains with liquid solutions avoid oversaturation. Over-saturation distributes the stain deeper into the fibers and may cause a ring once the stained area dries. It is better to repeat cleaning than it is to oversaturate.

Always use the minimum amount of cleaning solvent needed to remove a stain.
The aluminum trim is powder coated. Mild soap and water is all that is needed for cleaning.
Clean regularly with mild soap and water. To prevent soap buildup, rinse well with clean water.

Dry Erase Writing Surfaces

Hufcor dry erase steel markerboards surfaces require specific care and maintenance. Click here to learn more.


​​Our partitions look as good as they perform. We are constantly updating our line with trend-forward, elegant fabrics, finishes, and designs so that our walls are as beautiful as they are functional!!

If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask!!  

1000's of different patterns and materials have been successfully tested by our engineers and applied to Hufcor Operable partitions.