​​​​Ideal for any space that requires a physical and acoustic (but not visual) separation, acoustical movable glass walls from Hufcor enhance the beauty of any open space.


The drama and beauty of glass enhances any space. Hufcor’s glass panels combine the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partition. These panels are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual barrier is needed. Acoustical glass panels allow the light to flow into interior rooms that still have the flexibility of traditional operable partitions.
Acoustical glasswalls are manufacturied using a full perimeter aluminum frame with reinforced steel top steel supports. The frame incorporates a tongue and groove astragal bullnose that has flexible sweep seals to reduce sound leaks around the frame. Top and bottom sweep seals are standard for a full height glass look. Optional mechanical bottom seals are available.
Acoustics - Hufcor GA acoustical glass wall has been tested to meet ASTM E-90 standards and achieved a 44 STC sound rating. The 1 1/2" [38] sealed IG unit with special laminated glass combinations achieves the high STC ratings for the fully tested glasswall system. When comparing Hufcor to other movable glass wall systems, be careful that you are comparing the STC of a complete ASTM E-90 tested partition system verse the estimated glass STC. For example, 1/4" [6mm] tempered glass has only a 31 STC rating in perfect laboratory conditions. A standard 1" [25] insulate glass unit achieves only a 35 STC.


Mechanical Bottom Seal - The Hufcor GA glasswall system can be ordered with optional mechanical bottom seals. The bottom seal provides downward seal force and also compensates for uneven floors and building deflections. The seals have a 1 1/2" [38] travel. When chosen, the bottom of the acoustic glass wall then has a 13" [330] bottom kick plate.​​
Inset Pass Doors​ - Hufcor GA Series acoustic glass walls provide an optional inline, full height pass door. This pass door has full glass and is hinged to the adjacent panel. Since the pass door travels hinged to another panel, a minimum four to three ratio is required between these two panels. 

Expandable Closure​ - ​​Hufcor GA Series can be supplied with an expandable lever closure panel at the trail end to seal the system into place. As with all acoustical operable partitions, the force of the expandable closure helps to reduce sound leaks between the panels and is recommended. Hufcor's closure comes standard with glass inserts. This panel can be supplied as a solid panel, if preferred

​Blinds - Hufcor offers a unique between-the-glass mini blind systme that is inserted within the sealed insulated glass (IG) unit. The tilt-only blind system operates with a removable magnetic actuator. The mini blind option may be required when needed to have occasional privacy within the rooms being divided by the acoustic glass wall system.

Acoustic Glass Wall GA1 - GA2

 Timber Frame Glass Wall   GT1 - GT2

Hufcor's timber-framed glass panels combine the beauty of wood and glass to allow light into your space. The sliding wood glass doors add a rich elegance to any decor.


Timber-framed Glasswall consists of glass surrounded with a combination of solid and engineered wood. Each wood frame is composed of triple laminated solid wood top and bottom rails and stiles that are constructed from custom made veneers, solid wood edges and an engineered wood core, to ensure a sturdy, durable construction.
Glass panels are suspended from overhead tracks -- no floor tracks or guides are needed; however, the panels require floor pins to keep the panels secure in the opening.
Heights to 10’2” [3.1m] are standard. Taller heights may be ordered, however, modifications to the frame may be required. Contact your Hufcor Distributor for assistance.
Panels are most often ordered with clear or satiny translucent tempered glass. However, custom glass, etching, decals, acrylic inserts and more can also be ordered.
Designing glass panels into your facility allows natural sunlight into your space, which could qualify for LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 8.2: Daylight and Views-1 point.

​Wood and Custom Frames

​​Choose wood frames of Oak, Maple, Cherry or Douglas Fir. Prices vary by species selected. These species are the most requested; however, other wood species are available.  The standard timber-framed panel is a frame of wood with a glass insert; however, the wood may be modified to meet a specific design. Examples of custom frames are mullions or solid wood inserts.


The wood frame is designed to accommodate a variety of inserts approximately 1/4” [6mm] thick​​

​The hardware on a timber-framed panel may include hinges, throw mechanism for the floor pin, handle for the hinged closure panel, handle and strike plate for optional pass door, and in-line pass door magnetic holder. When you select your hardware color, the color of all hardware will match

Timber Frame Standard Hardware Options

Dark Oak Stain Collection

Timber Frame Stain Options

Hufcor Movable Glasswalls

The drama and beauty of movable glass walls enhance any space. Hufcor has combined the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partition in our glass wall partitions.

A physical barrier with daylighting properties make folding glass partitions the ideal choice for interior spaces achieving LEED® certification.

​                                     LG Architectural Fusions

Hufcor offers a full line of LG architectural decorative laminates exclusively for operable partitions and movable glass walls throughout North America. There are over 500 options. LG laminates are extremely durable and can be applied to almost any of our partitions and/or accessories. The complete line includes woods, leathers, solids, metals and more. These fusions have varying thicknesses and are textured to mimic the real thing. See below for just a few of the hundreds of finish options. Pricing may vary based on finish. Call your Hufcor representative to get your LG sample book

Frameless Standard Hardware Options

The hardware on a timber-framed panel may include hinges, throw mechanism for the floor pin, handle for the hinged closure panel, handle and strike plate for optional pass door, and in-line pass door magnetic holder. When you select your hardware color, the color of all hardware will match.

Cordovan Stain Collection

Anodized Horizontal Rails

Fruitwood Stain Collection

Other Finishes

Wheat Stain Collection

ecoustic® Sound-Absorptive Materials

These amazing materials can applied to just about any of our partitions.  In addition there are many other creative and decorative ways to install this material or paneling around your space to absord sound, call for a free sound control consultation

   Frameless Glasswall   GL1- GL2

Frameless movable glass wall partitions add unmatched beauty and elegance to any room. Hufcor glass wall with top and bottom low profile rails allow large sheets of glass panels to be conveniently moved to create flexible, light infused spaces.


Hufcor's standard factory glazing consists of 1/2" [12] tempered clear glass. An optional acid washed, satiny translucent or frosted glass is also available. However, custom laminated glass (9/16" [14]), acrylic panels, and art glass can be used when designed to fit the horizontal rail tolerances. The glass may also be etched or decals added.
What separates Hufcor movable glass wall are the mechanical fasteners that secure the glass to the rails. We simply do not rely on friction to secure the panels into the top rails. Our rail system incorporates a durable support pin that is inserted thru holes in the glass to mechanically secure the panel in place without slipping.
The term frameless is used due to the lack of a vertical frame member. The glass edges are polished for a smooth finish. There is a 1/4” - 1/2” [6-12mm] gap between panels to prevent the edges from touching. The size of the gap varies due to glass tolerances. In some instances, Hufcor can supply a vertical trim and provides an overlapped edge frame.
Frameless glass panels are suspended from an overhead track and carrier system -- no floor tracks or guides are needed; however, the panels require floor pins and receptacles in the floor to keep them secure in the opening.


Glass Types and Decals-​ We assist designers working with different art glass providers to fabricate gorgeous movable glass wall systems. Shown are panels designed using Meltdown Art Glass, a kiln-fired custom process used on many upscale Hufcor glasswall projects.

Some designers and owners have chosen to apply custom graphics and decals to the Hufcor frameless glasswall. 

Inset Pass Doors-​ Hufcor can provide an inset pass door located within the glass wall run. This pass door system is hinged to the neighboring panel and folds back for egress or access through the wall when set up.

Rail Options- The Hufcor GL standard clear anodized aluminum rails can be cladded with many different materials. The rails can be custom anodized in a host of colors. Brushed stainless steel cladding is popular. Architectural fusions from LG provide hundreds of options for designers looking for unique rail finishes, including many different faux wood, solids and unique patterns.

Pivot Panel- The standard final closure when using glass wall is a pivot panel. These swing doors are located at either side of the glass wall partition and allow for entrance and egress within the divided rooms.

Finish Ideas